Without restructuring PR’s debt, or providing a means for employment for people living in Puerto Rico, a “financial control board” would only be dedicated to paying the Wall Street debt from whatever resources left in PR. PR has no tools to pay the accumulated debt, thanks to the US. US should give tools and $$$ to avoid future suffering and financial default.


Please do not suspend expenses of a country, such as education, security, and health. I would like to visit PR once again, or maybe even live there once more!!! Stop kicking puertoricans out of Puerto Rico!!! Bring people back to Puerto Rico!!! Stop mass migration associated with events in the past history of PR, the option that my parents took, leading to displacement, cultural and familiar dislocation. The option that I had to take after my parent sent me to PR to be brought up by my extended family as a semi-orphan who did not comprehend why his parents were not around. After noticing no way for me to progress after a US Army draft, I came to the US to face the “master” who is more generous in the mainland, but still considered myself a native of Puerto Rico. A native of Puerto Rico who can not go back to an island who seems to be destined to repeat its history of failure to thrive in expectation of the “master”‘s generosity. It is sad and disturbing. The more things change, the more they stay the same in PR.

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