Investors were scammed or misinformed on the history of Puerto Rico and the recurrence of financial crisis in a capitalist system. Better luck on your next investment. Do not bet on colonies dependent on the United States government.

Los inversionistas fueron mal informados en la historia de Puerto Rico y la repeticion ciclica de crisis economica en el sistema capitalista. Mejor suerte la proxima vez en sus inversiones. No apuesten en colonias que dependen en el gobierno de Estados Unidos.

Another Wall Street planted article blaming the sole responsibility of the financial crisis of Puerto Rico, to Puerto Rico. “Puerto Rico and its agencies racked up $70 billion of debt after years of borrowing to paper over budget shortfalls.” and add: after the United States failed to administer and protect its colony of investment predators.

Otro articulo pagado por Wall Street promoviendo su propaganda que Puerto Rico es el unico culpable de la crisis financiera de Puerto Rico. El articulo no menciona a Estados Unidos, que fallo en administrar y proteger la isla de inversionistas predatorios.

Advierten nefastos impactos al entorno con la junta de control fiscal | El Nuevo Día

“La Junta”, the financial board imposed on Puerto Rico, would have an adverse effect on the island’s fragile environment. The board has the power to sell as assets like natural resources, eliminate regulations protecting the environment, and implement others that would harm its environment. All in the name of obtaining a quick buck to payContinue reading “Advierten nefastos impactos al entorno con la junta de control fiscal | El Nuevo Día”

A huuuge amount of yelling to warn of the upcoming apocalypse if he is not elected president of the United States. Trump would learn a lot if he read the latest census statistics pointing to the dwindling aging group of poorly educated white men.They are not the future. Trump grito su aviso del apocalipsis si no lo eligen presidente. Lamemtablemente no ha visto el censo mas reciente que informa que su fanaticada de hombres blancos de baja educacion esta desapareciendo. Esa poblacion no va a ser el futuro.