Puerto Rico stuck with 780% interest loans payable to Wall Street bankers, and remain a colony with no power to take care of the 3.4 million that can not leave the island. Unpayable loans will weigh on people trying to pay for basic needs such as water and electricity. Education and health is deemed non-essential so the “junta” will just let schools and hospitals close. Safety is also unaffordable as the police struggle to maintain law and order in the long battle with crime. This is PROMESA?



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I love media and communication, as well as digital technology. I write and speak fluently in Spanish and English. I was born in New York, but was sent to Puerto Rico at an early age, where I lived until drafted by the U.S. army. Upon returning from an honorable discharge, I found Puerto Rico small and limited at the time. I moved to Boston where I pursued musical studies and later worked as a musician, teacher, and speech-pathologist in New York. I am currently still interested in world politics, social justice, and income inequality. Health and wellness are essential to survive and thrive. I am working on patience and skills necessary to keep learning.

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