Trump’s wife gave an inspiring speech (copying Obama’s wife speech). Lack of ideas plagues the Trump campaign. Explanation: the devil made me do it.

La esposa de Trump dio un discurso inspirador (copiando el discurso de la esposa de Obama). La falta de ideas enferma la campana de Trump. Explicacion: el diablo me obligo a hacerlo. Dos dias despues, una explicacion: mala ayuda. Finalmente, un chivo expiatorio.

“It’s a great speech”, said Mr. Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, “obviously Michelle Obama feels very similar sentiments toward her family”. It is interesting that both used the same exact words, and Michelle Obama said them first. Maybe Michelle Obama could also see into the future and used Mrs. Trump’s speech at the present Republican convention as a model for hers.

Two days later, another explanation surfaced: bad help. Finally, a scapegoat.

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