Trump’s Mexico visit stirs outrage: ‘We don’t want him’ – LA Times

“Peña Nieto was accused last week of plagiarizing much of his law school thesis, provoking widespread mockery on social media.” Maybe the Trump and Nieto have more in common that meets the eye – plagiarism and unpopularity.                                      Continue reading “Trump’s Mexico visit stirs outrage: ‘We don’t want him’ – LA Times”

Manifestación en seminario sobre la Junta de Control Fiscal | El Nuevo Día Chants of “Will not hand over”, “Will not give in”, “Will not surrender” during protests of “colonial dictatorship” in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is not easily suppressed. Read its history. The imposed Fiscal Board will meet resistance from the millions of puertoricans who are not being bought by the colonial government. The United States does not have enough money to buy everyone’s silence.

Trump said he could put several blue states in play. It’s clear he can’t. – The Washington Post

“A solid Clinton electoral-vote victory looks to be the most likely outcome, with her floor probably somewhere near Obama’s 332-electoral-vote total against Romney.” Trump the bragger speaks B.S. Who are the Trumpians going to turn after the election, the Ghostbuster Party? Trumpians should join a 3rd party candidate next election, after the Trump rush. via TrumpContinue reading “Trump said he could put several blue states in play. It’s clear he can’t. – The Washington Post”

NYTimes: Republicans Running for Congress Struggle With an ‘Albatross’

“I can say without any hesitation that the Democrats will retake the Senate,” said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the departing Senate minority leader who is not impressed by efforts to retool the Trump campaign. “They’ve been trying to get him to run a real campaign but that’s not who he is.”

…”neglecting the effects of deindustrialization, racism, and capital flight—is to show profound ignorance of urban politics and problems.”