It’s hard to imagine a much worse pitch Donald Trump could have made for the black vote

Trump says “Detroit tops the list of most dangerous cities in terms of violent crime, number one,” he said from a city 90 minutes away from Detroit with a population that is 93 percent white.”


  1. “Black Americans are not “living in poverty” as a general rule.”
  2. “The unemployment rate in the black community is higher than that in the white community, as it has been since the Department of Labor started keeping track.”
  3. “Black voters are perfectly able to evaluate candidates on qualities other than their political parties.”


“There are any number of reasons that black Americans might view Trump unfavorably, starting with his 2011 effort to cast suspicion on Obama’s place of birth. Or, probably, starting with his full-page ad calling for the death penalty against five black teenagers in New York City who were accused of rape — wrongly, as it turned out. Or perhaps thanks to the support his current candidacy is getting from people like former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke.”

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