Trump’s History Undermines New Outreach to Black Voters – NBC News

  1. “…The Trumps were accused of systematically discriminating against black tenants seeking rentals in their buildings, even using a code letter “C” to represent “colored” applicants.”

  2. “…In 1989, he infamously took out four full-page ads in local New York City newspapers calling for the restoration of the death penalty in the state”

  3. “…Trump has a curious habit of reiterating the thoughts of white supremacists on social media, particularly when they are being complimentary toward him.”

  4. “…Trump has stonewalled organizations like the NAACP and National Association of Black Journalists by either ignoring or turning down invitations from predominately black groups, earning the cheers of hate groups in the process.”

  5. “…Even after Obama released his longform birth certificate, confirming his U.S. birth, and endlessly mocked Trump for seeking it — the real estate mogul would return to the theme of the president’s supposed illegitimacy time and time again.”

  6. “…The black community, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics roughly 92 percent (of blacks) are active participants in the workforce and the Economic Policy Institute reports that 72 percent of African-Americans live above the poverty line. And Politifact has concluded that black teen unemployment is nowhere near the 58-59 percent Trump has been claiming.”

via Trump’s History Undermines New Outreach to Black Voters – NBC News

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