“In Virginia, the minimum wage remains at the federal $7.25 an hour rate.”

“I’m glad to have a job,” Wells said. But he’d like to see Virginia follow Washington in raising the minimum wage. “That’s not too much to ask for someone who is willing to get up at least five days a week and work hard. It seems to me, the less money people earn, the more work they have to do.”I

Could you imaginer living in Puerto Rico where they are considering bringing down the minimum wage to less than $3.00 an hour. The cost of living in Puerto Rico is affordable for the wealthy. The rest are destined to struggle or leave the island to go to the United States where even the state with the lowest minimum wage is a huge improvement. They will compete with the bottom minimum wage earners in the United States to subsist in poverty.

via For many working minimum wage, the ends never meet | NOLA.com