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“No politician is so naive as to think that a person who comes close to help raise funds for a political campaign is not interested in benefitting  when that politician reaches power,” said for his part the president of the Bar Osvaldo Toledo.”

“Ningún político es tan inocente para pensar que una persona que se le acerca para ayudarlo a levantar fondos para la campaña no tiene el interés de beneficiarse cuando ese político alcance el poder”, expresó por su parte el expresidente del Colegio de Abogados Osvaldo Toledo.

Puerto Rico is no exception: Power Corrupts.  Wall Street investors give money to local politicians of both parties, interfering  with any good legislative strategies to help solve the problems of its citizens. The talk about the status of Puerto Rico has always been a distraction topic to avoid addressing the real problems the country has been facing since the beginning of colonial rule.

via Sacan ventaja del inversionismo político | El Nuevo Día

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