“We are talking about babies that will have problems with hearing disorders, developmental disorders,” said Dr. Nabal Bracero, who runs a fertility clinic. “And now, because of the complexity of Puerto Rico’s financial situation, our health system is not ready for that.”

…(One of the reasons for the) “island’s population loss is falling fertility. In 2013, the average woman in Puerto Rico was estimated to have 1.3 children during her lifetime, a measure called the total fertility rate. A decade ago, the fertility rate was 1.9. Historically,fertility has dropped during economic recessions.”   (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/07/01/puerto-ricos-losses-are-not-just-economic-but-in-people-too/ )

The numbers of babies born in Puerto Rico is declining and now with Zika, the ones that are being born are in danger of having developmental disorders associated with the virus.    Prevention is more cost effective but that is not the way Washington operates.

via Puerto Rico doctors warn of scarce resources to fight Zika | CTV News