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Is Lying Trump’s Strategy? – The New York Times

“We hear from Pamela Meyer, an expert on lying and the author of “Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception.”

“I think he’s a great liar,” Ms. Meyer told us of Mr. Trump. “A good liar intuitively knows what it is you want to hear, dangles it out in front of you just when you need it, expresses confidence enough so that you allow them a path if you think they’re lying or might trust them a little bit more than you normally would.””

That is what the Trump is good at, lying with a straight face. Unfortunately, America has millions of gullible, naive or closet bigots willing to make captain of a ship in distress a person who has no experience and lies to appear competent.

via Is Lying Trump’s Strategy? – The New York Times

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