view to the west

“…the Republican presidential nominee quickly offered up the notion of allowing police officers to stop and pat down individuals they deem suspicious of carrying weapons or contraband.”

The Trump and his friend, “Mad Max” Gulianni insist that “stop and frisk” is the way to appeal to the African-American vote this election. The “stop and frisk” strategy was tried for years in New York City until it was found unconstitutional by the courts. During the time used, the strategy failed to find guns but did increase substantially the number of African-Americans passing through the law-enforcement judicial system. Crime has gone down in most cities in the United States independent of the use or not of the “stop and frisk” strategy and the strategy is not linked to decline or increase in crime in cities. But it is linked to more African-Americans being incarcerated, threatened, abused, killed, or intimidated.

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