view to the west

“Mr. Chertoff, a former federal judge and prosecutor, said that profiling techniques not relating to ethnicity were already available to the authorities, and that ethnic profiling was counterproductive.”

The continued use of stereotyping to screen for dangerous individuals is outdated. You can not judge people by the way they look or dress. Authorities are alienating the vast majority of people that could cooperate in investigations. Individuals that want to cause harm already know what authorities are looking for and plan accordingly. Investigating everyone that looks like a “terrorist” sounds simple but is not possible given the complexity of investigation needed. Even when investigated, the suspects evade suspicion.  Everybody can not try to look “all-American” to avoid scrutiny. That does seem to be the constitutional way in America.              

via Donald Trump’s Crime Policies Might Hit Minorities Harder, Experts Say – The New York Times