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“I have a winning temperament. I know how to win.”

The Trump could start a second career as a speech coach. He could teach his favorite words and expressions. The Trump’s 17 favorite words and expressions: 1) “very, very”; 2) “we have to do better”; 3) “huge problem”; “4) tough”; 5) “terrible”; 6) “extremely”; 7) “rough”; 8) ““law and order”; 9) “worst”; 10) “bad”; 11) “believe me”; 12) “hoax”; 13) “wrong”; 14) “disgraceful” 15) “tremendously”; 16) “pigs, slobs, dogs”; 17) “failed”. The Trump’s vocabulary is not up to the level used by ALL previous presidents of the United States.

via Donald Trump, a Failed Bully in His Debate with Clinton – The New Yorker