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The Morning After the Debate, Donald Trump Goes on the Attack – The New York Times

“…Mr. Trump appeared thrown on Tuesday by his uneven performance the night before, offering a series of different explanations for the results.”

One explanation could be lack of mental abilities.

Throughout the first debate, the clown entertainer’s lack of content was frequently demonstrated with his request that the audience look up more detail about obscure topics that he clearly could not explain succinctly, while his opponent bashed him with abundant details at will, when needed. The conclusion was that the adult needed to hold the child’s hand for his continuing participation during the debate. Many times the child-man made outrageous and disruptive comments and interruptions in the hope putting a word in. The entertainer was clearly out of his league.

The defensive man-child lashed out at the debate moderator, complained about his microphone and threatened to make Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity a campaign issue, and threw cutting personal criticism at a Miss Universe pageant winner, in a television appearance on Tuesday just hours after his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. When confronted with Ms. Machado’s insult, the Trump at first replied “Where did you find this?”, but later offered a weird reply that referred to his insulting comments about Mrs. O’Donnel. Mrs. Clinton had clearly thrown a stunning blow that left the entertainer with “huge” confusion.

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