Bank Worries and Foreign Bribes – Bloomberg View

“There is a popular view — among politicians, prosecutors and the public — that the banks who caused the 2008 financial crisis have not been appropriately brought to justice.” 

This was the beginning of the end for many in the United States, and the island of Puerto Rico who depended on bankers to support the local economy. As bankers lost money, their customers and the government lost everything. The bankers recovered quickly, but the people and the government continue to pay the consequences of relying on foreign money.   Puerto Rico needs local industries that support living wages. The cost of living in Puerto Rico is not affordable for most, due to utilities being owned by private investors that do not live in Puerto Rico. One side effect is that abandoned property is now very cheap, if you can live with local crime caused by high unemployment and the black market economy of drugs.                                                                                                                         via Bank Worries and Foreign Bribes – Bloomberg View

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