“…Let’s say you were trying to lose an election for president, lose it as spectacularly as possible, lose it so badly you destroyed your reputation forever. Wouldn’t you do pretty much everything Donald Trump has done over the past 18 months…”

The Trump has done everything possible to make sure of losing the presidential race. And still, he has many loyal followers. The United States seems overwhelmed with its own progress. Many would like to go back to a simpler world, but history does not operate on that principle. What is going to happen to those that prefer retrograde movement?; instead of forward movement in history. The United States is part of a planet, those that want to concentrate on a rather small section of the planet and ignore the rest, do it at their loss.   The United States has little more than 5% of the world’s population, and the total area of the United States, colonies, and territories are at best close to 7% of the world’s area. The other 90% of the world’s population and area are not going to surrender to the United States.

via Donald Trump Definitely Wants to Be President. Right? – Rolling Stone