Puerto Rican professor at Columbia University argues that the management of the Board shall be a temporary step and that the final solution should be the sovereignty

Collado Scharwz, who teaches this semester at Columbia University says that “Puerto Rico has been under US domination from 1898-2016”, he is convinced that the final solution will steer the island towards sovereignty, because if “permanent government” would have wanted statehood it, would have opened the “faucet of federal funds” and implemented that option.

Dr. Iván González Cancel, former health secretary and political commentator, sees no light at the end of the road. “The attitude of the Puerto Rican political leadership, particularly the PPD and the PNP is embarrassing, pathetic. They behave like colonized to see if they drop a contratito, income here or there, “he said, convinced that” you can not decolonize a people with those people. “

via “No hay confianza en la clase política puertorriqueña” | El Nuevo Día