Spicer: Trump is a ‘champion’ of First Amendment | TheHill

Just because it was done before, it does not mean the man-child has to follow the convention of allowing the press to do its role in a democracy.
(Porque otros lo hicieron, no quiere decir que el hombre-nino Trompo tiene que seguir la costumbre en que la prensa tiene un rol en una sociedad democratica.)

Donald Trump plans to shut down his charitable foundation, which has been under scrutiny for months – The Washington Post

I tried to make money years ago by setting up a corporation that almost put me in bankruptcy, but yet when I tried to close, dissolve, eliminate, erase the corporation I could not. New York State kept asking for Consent Form Authorized by the city and state for years afterwards, even though for me the corporation was history. I should have been a millionaire and set up the kind of corporation the man-child had. With his just saying that he is dissolving his corporation, WALLA!, its done. No questions asked, no consequences, no records, no headaches, no taxes. My wish for 2017, become a millionaire citizen. Maybe if I were blond…