The clown in charge of the circus (El payaso a cargo del circo)

The media seems still puzzled as the master manipulating clown delegitimizes them and uses them a unwitting accomplices in making a “news” conference chaotic so they would not be able to ask questions about the ethical questions that surround the Trumper transition. (Los medios de comunicación parecen todavía desconcertados cuando el maestro manipulador payaso les falta el respeto y los utiliza como cómplices involuntarios en hacer una conferencia de “noticias” caótica de tal forma que son incapaz de hacer preguntas sobre las cuestiones éticas que rodean la transición Trompera.)

Experts Agree Trump’s Ethics Plan Falls Short

1. “Foreigners and others will continue to be able to ingratiate themselves by doing business with Trump organizations, which enriches Trump,”
2. “The idea of setting up a trust to hold his operating businesses adds nothing to the equation. This is not a blind trust — it’s not even close.”
3. “We don’t know who his business partners are, we don’t know who he owes.”
4. “The president-elect’s disregard for ethics and precedent and the Constitution in his press conference —— is going to precipitate an ethics and a constitutional crisis from the day he’s sworn in,” Norm Eisen, who served as President Obama’s ethics lawyer said on MSNBC.

What? Replace health care with better lighting and tanning saloons?

That’s right, replace hospitals with sun light lamps and tanning saloons, that way rich investors can buy a cheap business and claim they are providing health care. LOL (Si, remplacen los hospitales con mejor luz y bombillas de sol. Eso le dara a los caras palidas una cara mas morena en el nombre de salud publica. Que risa!)

Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just made pediatricians’ jobs a lot harder by Daniel Summers

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that Trump had asked him to head a commission to study the safety of vaccines. Saying “we ought to be debating the science,” as he left Trump Tower, Kennedy caused grave concern for those of us who truly understand that science.”
“Trump believes vaccines cause autism. He has loudly proclaimed that misinformed belief for years, long before he was ever considered a serious candidate for the White House.”
(“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. anunció que Trump le había pedido que dirigiera una comisión para estudiar la seguridad de las vacunas. Diciendo que “deberíamos estar debatiendo la ciencia”, cuando dejó Trump Tower, Kennedy causó gran preocupación por aquellos de nosotros que realmente entendemos esa ciencia.”
“Trump cree que las vacunas causan autismo. Él ha proclamado en voz alta esa creencia desinformada durante años, mucho antes de que se considerara un candidato serio para la Casa Blanca.”)

There is a “war on whites” that is why Sessions, from Alabama is being called racist, says Sessions’ friend, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.)

(Hay “guerra en contra de blancos” dice el representante republicano de Alabama, en su defensa de su amigo, también de Alabama – Jeff Sessions.)