RESIST 45: 45’s supporter uses “never again” in his attack at Nordstrom for refusing to carry 45’s daughter products. The “never again” slogan was used by Jewish resistance fighters in the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto and was later adopted as the official motto of the Jewish Defense League (JDL).

No more “Jorge Washington” in school, or “inocente” o “culpable” in the courts.

The loss of Spanish in Puerto Rico, a Spanish-speaking island, would mean that all schools would treat Spanish as a second language, and English would be the language of instruction. Court proceedings would also be conducted in English.

GOP Commandments 1 and 2

Paul Krugman: “basic familiarity with a subject, is for wimps; ignorance is strength.” “the most influential Republican economists aren’t serious academics with a conservative bent, of whom there are many; they’re known hacks who literally can’t get a number right.””Bigotry wasn’t the only dark force at work in the election; so was anti-intellectualism…”