Puerto Rico’s strategy for economic development is wrong. (La estrategia para el desarrollo economico de la isla es erronea.)

Puerto Rico is bankrupt, but its government insists that 88% of its economy not pay taxes. Its strategy for progress is to attract wealthy people who do not pay taxes, and turn the island into a center for technology, finance, and pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, the industry that brings money to the island, tourism, is neglected compared to other Caribbean sites. It is unlikely that when young professional talent is leaving the island and while cutting government workers and education, Puerto Rico can become a mecca of technology and finance. This article also mentions that another of the resources of the country, the entertainment industry, is not being used to capacity. Puerto Rico has to use its natural resources to compete with 50 states of the American nation.

(Puerto Rico esta en quiebra, pero su gobierno insiste en que 88% de su economia no pague impuestos. Su estrategia para progreso es atraer adinerados que no paguen impuestos, y convertir la isla en un centro de tecnologia, finanzas, y farmaceuticas. Mientras tanto, la industria que trae dinero a la isla, el turismo, esta olvidada en comparacion con otros sitios del Caribe. Es improbable que cuando el talento joven profesional se yendo de la isla y mientras cortan trabajadores del gobierno y educacion, Puerto Rico pueda convertirse en meca de tecnologia y finanzas. Este articulo tambien menciona que otro de los recursos de el pais, la industria del entretenimiento, no esta siendo utilizada a capacidad. Puerto Rico tiene que usar sus recursos naturales para competir con 50 estados de la nacion americana.)


via In its effort to rejuvenate its economy, Puerto Rico is playing the wrong game | TheHill

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