Fortaleza: renominación de Trump no es endoso a actos de la actual junta

The US imposed fiscal control gang of 7 will continue their infamous work to strip Puerto Ricans of their social well being and resources to pay off venture capitalists that paid off politicians to advance their money making schemes without legal basis.

A List of Six Types of Blog Posts That Always Get Read

Be honest. You’ve asked yourself many times what are the types of blog posts that folks read. After all, you’re doing this because you do want your words to matter, right? You do want folks to read your words and ideas and maybe even act on them. So, what are the types of blog posts […]Continue reading “A List of Six Types of Blog Posts That Always Get Read”

En precarias condiciones las oficinas del Departamento de la Familia

There is no money for agencies that help families, but plenty for other agencies that can pay for lobbyists to grab some of that loot the American Federal government provides to the island of Puerto Rico. Then they wonder why they have lost 4% of its population recently.