Should a minor offense ruin a life? No, says ex-superintendent who defecated on H.S. track (pero si no fuera de la raza de privilegio, estaría ya en la carcel)

Do you really think that race does not matter in this case? If the accused had been of another race or socio-economic status, would he be suing, or in jail?

What We Know About the Shooting at U.N.C. Charlotte

Can’t help from noticing the common elements in most U.S. mass shootings: 1) a weapon; 2) unsuspecting victims; and white looking guy doing the damage. (¿Porque será que todas estas matanzas ocurridas en los E.U.A. tienen elementos similares? 1) una o mas armas; 2) víctimas en sorpresa inesperada; y 3) una persona aparentemente de la raza blanca haciendo el daño…

Reader’s Choice, Stargate Kitty & Integration

Reader’s Choice We are very pleased to announce the winner of the ‘Reader’s Choice – Name that Vase’ contest that we hosted in April! There were so many great ideas and suggestions, which you can read at the link above. I want to sincerely thank everyone who participated. Our winner, based on your choice is… viaContinue reading “Reader’s Choice, Stargate Kitty & Integration”