Maceira amenaza con “volar la cabeza” a aquellos que se desvíen |🧹🔦👮🏼‍♀️👀

Mientras, el subsecretario de la Gobernación, Erik Rolón, exige lealtad a todo el equipo del gobernador — Read on Lealtad al lider o sus cabezan volaran. ¿ Dialogo de pelicula sobre la mafia ante investigacion federal? (Loyalty under corruption charges or heads will roll. Sure sounds like a mafia movie dialogue.)

How the System Helps Trump Abuse Children America has been a silent partner, in the defense of nativism for years now. The problem is deeply ingrained and systemic. Trump has only trumped it up to its logical conclusion, and the public seems paralyzed and unresponsive, maybe because these are foreign children. Any parent found treating a child in a similar wayContinue reading “How the System Helps Trump Abuse Children”