Representante pide a FEMA que remplace los toldos azules deteriorados en miles de techos en Puerto Rico

Wow, this happened September 16, 2017 – October 2, 2017 and two years later they are still talking about FEMA providing shelter to people living in Puerto Rico. Good luck next hurricane season. (Wow, esto sucedió del 16 de septiembre de 2017 al 2 de octubre de 2017 y dos años después, todavía están hablando de que FEMA ofrece refugio a las personas que viven en Puerto Rico. Buena suerte en la próxima época de huracanes.)

Opinion | Let’s Ditch Mitch

Let’s not mention turtles when it comes to talking about the infamous pair in the GOP45 government. While legislators attempt to do their due diligence to help the American people, legislation ranging from gun id, protection of individuals with pre-existing conditions, immigration, lower drug prices, keeping guns away from people accused of domestic violence — sit gathering dust in some drawer, thanks to this occult force in the Senate of the US. His wife will go down in history as one of the most unqualified to sit in a cabinet chair of government. Why do the American people allow this to happen. Are the moral of the people from Kentucky so different from all the other states so different that they keep electing this guy election to election? Aren’t these statistics bad enough to find a way to get rid of this parasite?
Kentucky’s Ranking compared to other states:
* #44 Health Care of the state
* #38 Education of the state
* #39 Economy of the state
* $26,779 Median Income and 32% have a college degree in the state.
* Kentucky’s median household income is $11,961 lower than other states.

Migrant Children May Lose School, Sports and Legal Aid as Shelters Swell

How low can you go? Children imprisoned now have whatever little education and recreational facilities reduced while individual #1 parades with kings in a royal palace in England. (¿Cuan bajo puede ir? Los niños encarcelados ahora tienen muy pocas instalaciones educativas y recreativas reducidas, mientras que individuos # 1 desfilan con los reyes en un palacio real en Inglaterra.)