Would that happen in

a fine for a hotel blocking beach access? (Los hoteles en Puerto Rico eso es lo que quieren hace, bloquear las playas a los ciudadanos de la isla.)

The Phantom of The Opera has left the House

She was a ghost press secretary anyways. Photo Source: The Death of Orpheus (1983) by Jean Delville from the Third Salon de la Rose+Croix Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of the City of New York exhibit

She stays, says I#1

via Trump won’t fire Conway despite federal agency recommendation – CNNPolitics Photo Source: The Idol of Perversity (L’idole de la perversité) 1891, Graphite on paper, Museum Wiesbaden, Germany, Collection of F.W. Neess, First Salon de la Rose+Croix, 1892, Jean Delville, b. 1867, Leuven, Belgium, d. 1953, Forest, Belgium “The femme fatale incarnated the misogynistic, pseudoscientificContinue reading “She stays, says I#1”