She stays, says I#1

via Trump won’t fire Conway despite federal agency recommendation – CNNPolitics

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The Idol of Perversity (L’idole de la perversité) 1891, Graphite on paper, Museum Wiesbaden, Germany, Collection of F.W. Neess, First Salon de la Rose+Croix, 1892, Jean Delville, b. 1867, Leuven, Belgium, d. 1953, Forest, Belgium

“The femme fatale incarnated the misogynistic, pseudoscientific views of the late nineteenth century that asserted women were lower beings on the evolutionary scale. The female sex was allegedly atavistic and closer to animals – one impetus that led Symbolists to portray femmes fatales as monstrous. Jean Delville’s The Idol of Perversity presents an enigmatic female who exemplifies aggressive sexuality. Depicted from below, she looms large, looking down with a demonic expression as a phallic snake slithers between her pointed breasts and others radiate from her address. Her vaguely “exotic” appearance makes her doubly “other” and uncivilized according to racial mores of the time…”

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I love media and communication, as well as digital technology. I write in Spanish and English, fluent in both languages: speak, read, write, comprehend. I was born in New York, but was sent to Puerto Rico at an early age, where I lived until drafted by the U.S. army. Upon returning from an honorable discharge, I found Puerto Rico small and limited at the time. I moved to Boston where I pursued musical studies and later worked as a musician, teacher, and speech-pathologist in New York. I studied music at Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at various New York City colleges, including New York University, New York City, New York. I played professionally in Puerto Rico, prior to entering Berklee College of Music, and after finishing studies there I played in the 80’s bass guitar briefly, with various latin bands, including the Machito Big Band Orchestra in 1982. I was part of their recording that year. Once I saw the transitory nature of music, I studied speech-pathology and worked in that function after teaching middle-school and elementary grades in the New York City Board/Department of Education. In that capacity, I also worked for the New York City Department of Health as an independent contractor providing therapy and evaluations for pre-school and school-age children. I later worked in the high school setting in that capacity before I retired from the Department of Education. I am now retired and with my spare time, I pursue old, and new dreams, as age is a reminder of the evanescence and impermanence of life.

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