House panel authorizes subpoenas for Jared Kushner, Trump officials –

Can the T. cartel protect all its participants from governmental inquiry? Will this be another futile attempt from law-abiding legislators to extract the truth from the T. family and friends organization? Tune for another chapter in the wipe the slime saga going on in Washington.

Pelosi urges Dems to help counter Trump’s planned ICE raids

Governmental harassment of Hispanics will begin this Sunday. Religious leaders who truly believe in law, justice and helping the weak should try to help this population that year after year has filled their coffers with their humble attendance to church services. NOW is the time to prove what the church really stands for. Are they on the side of the rich and powerful, or the weak and persecuted?

Meanwhile, while Democrats argue about past political history, GOP keeps doing the only thing they are good at doing —disturbing the peace of law abiding citizens 🧓🏼😢🗣

Tom Steyer enters 2020 Democratic primary – Democrats should stop “doing business” with someone that mocks the law 🙏🏼👀🗣impeach now, negotiate later

Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage — Read on There might not be anything worth saving by the time the elections come☹️

Judge James Troiano Ruling: Why We Protect Accused Teen Rapists (yes, he had a great future until he raped somebody 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️👀🔦

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Rosselló: “Jamás utilizaría el poder de mi silla para perseguirlos” (gobernador de PR “perturbado” por la corrupcion 🙄🔦🤷🏽‍♀️🏝

El gobernador expresa dudas sobre la supuesta “mafia institucional” en Hacienda, admite las dificultades que provocan en Washington D.C. los escándalos de corrupción y defiende su decisión de tomar vacaciones en medio de la controversia — Read on