Trump Eyes Mental Institutions as Answer to Gun Violence (but no evidence that the mentally ill are associated with gun violence)

Award Winner uses outdated ideas on the treatment of mental illness, but no focus is made on the easy availability of guns/weapons in the U.S. when compared to other developed countries.

North Carolina student was planning mass shooting at university, police say

Enrolls in North Carolina university because it is easy place to get a weapon. Once there, decided that since the college fraternity he wanted to join did not want him, a “shooting spree” was needed. So he accumulated weapons and was ready to act.

BOND INVESTORS COMPLAINT: Puerto Rico’s financial woes are hurting US infrastructure (opinion)

If you do not pay us then the world of rich people will collapse and we will not loan you any further so the U.S. and Puerto Rico’s infrastructure will continue to deteriorate. But…, how to improve if bankruptcy already means there is no $$$? I guess it is clear that people that invest in “vulture” loans, do not care of ability to repay. I guess that is why they call these loans “vulture” loans. They circle around looking for wounded victims to eat their corpse. What a way to make a living.
Of course, no mention of the suffering caused by these illegal transactions that will be paid by years to come by the people living in the island.

Award Winner claims to be the “best thing that happened to Puerto Rico”

Después de humillar con toallas de papel después del huracán María, y ahora durante una peligrosa amenaza de la próxima temporada de huracanes, insulta a su gobierno y “políticos”, por corrupción en la que la incompetencia de Washington, ahora gobernada por el “ganador del premios”, otro “político”.