We are going back to the past of open bigotry with the “America 1st blah, blah, blah”.

Of course another reason to put Puerto Ricans down is that they speak and understand Spanish — a mortal sin for racists. It must be incredibly infuriating for the racist-bigoted Floridians that a person who is a citizen and served in the US military HAS the legal right to fly the flag of the place he remembers fondly. If this is deemed illegal, it is a slippery slope since there was a time decades ago, when displaying the Puerto Rican flag IN PUERTO RICO, was not allowed. That issue has been settled, but apparently Florida does not know.

Ernie Colón, Comic Book Artist Who Drew 9/11, Dies at 88

“Ernie Colón Sierra was born on July 13, 1931, in San Juan, P.R. His father, Ernesto Colón, was a police detective in Puerto Rico; his mother, Isabel Sierra, was a textile worker and a bank teller. He acquired a love of storytelling from a grandfather, who owned three movie theaters in Puerto Rico.”