via The Last Days of Legal Cockfighting in Puerto Rico – The New York Times

The days in which the fighting roosters worked until death are over. An association in Puerto Rico asked the U.S. to eliminate cock fighting matches. They have been legal on the island since 1933. It seems that the U.S. doesn’t like the sport of roosters, although roosters are treated like boxing stars. I don’t know, I understand that animals suffer too, but nevertheless, Puerto Rico has stray dogs that live a feral, or wild life. Do those dogs suffer? At least P.R. has no dog fights. With 20,000 people that  live from the cock fighting industry, a sport brought from Spain, so many pressing problems in the bankrupt island, why did they not look for a way to modify the sport so that the roosters do not “suffer” and people stay employed on an island that is losing its inhabitants, culture and jobs.

(My photo of a rooster hanging out at El Yunque, Puerto Rico. It does no fighting.)