Richmond Gun Rally: Thousands Of Gun Owners Converge On Virginia Capitol On MLK Day

Let’s be clear as to who promotes easy and unrestricted access to guns: “Vendors also descended on the city, setting up tables and portable racks to sell pro-Trump T-shirts and pro-gun paraphernalia.” The United States has come a long way since 1776. Laws have been established and resources have been given to enforce laws that PROTECT THE SAFETY of law-abiding citizens. Electoral laws, not armed people determine the future of presidents in the United States, not violence, rioting, and insurrection.

via Richmond Gun Rally: Thousands Of Gun Owners Converge On Virginia Capitol On MLK Day : NPR

Only in the United States: Gun violence, as of 2018- “It is the leading cause of premature death in the US—killing more than 38,000 people and causing 85,000 injuries each year. What’s more, this a problem unique to the US. Researchers analyzed 11 countries over 14 years and the United States has had more mass shootings than the other 10 nations combined.” (–dgW0fG2KXUXZ-AqenvmRemzhjZg_Fs-Fmo-Bc5W6g_V22YaAuOgEALw_wcB)

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