Three-Pointed Zemís (Trigonolitos) from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC exhibit
10th-16th century
Taíno, Puerto Rico
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
Museum Description or Artifact:
Sculptures known as three-pointed stones, or trigonolitos, had a symbolic connection to yuca (or cassava), a staple root crop. Appearing in various sizes and featuring humanlike an animalllike zemí imagery, they may have served as tangible representations of the mountainous island landscape and may have held some elusive spiritual significance. They are found mostly in the Greater Antilles, but some examples come from as far south as the islands of the Grenadines.

Pelosi looks to lay down marker on next stimulus plan

“protect public health and provide relief for the American people” (Pelosi) Corporations do not carry the weight of a public health fiasco, people do. Corporations had plenty of opportunity to prepare themselves for a bust in Wall Street, they should not be compensated for their greed by asking for assistance from the government if they made bad decisions. The people had not fault on in creating a dysfunctional health system or bringing in a global pandemic. Corporations could have taken out business insurance for such a calamity, why does the taxpayer have to pay that? Why there was no switch to renewable energy like it has been proposed for decades? That way oil producers having a tantrum does not create havoc on those who depend on making a profit from it? Why not make public transportation free of charge like in other countries, to make the economy move without having the people depend on their own resources to go to work? Why try to divide people by races when all human beings are subject to the same biological dangers and mortality?