via Rivera Schatz expresa su rechazo a proyecto de medidas de emergencia por el COVID-19 | El Nuevo Día

This Puerto Rican donkey is concerned about the money lost if PR is declared in a state of emergency. What if consumers and businesses affected by coronavirus cannot follow their buy / sell routine? This is like the American donkey who wanted to keep hiding the coming disaster by saying that the virus is a Democratic invention. PR citizens must have the facts and not the opinions  of an uninformed politician. PR is already financially screwed, why expect health misery to wreak havoc on the population? And especially the largest group of the inhabitants that remain on the island – the elderly? In that group is the little family I know in Puerto Rico. Please, someone in the government, stop that man. Don’t wait for the elections that you may have to postpone / cancel / modify anyways. That one already declared himself side by side with evil greed in this time of a global pandemic.