President Thug Life Will Take Care Of Any ‘Wiseguys’ Who Expect Him To Do His Job

“TRUMP on his coronavirus call earlier today with governors:

“I would say maybe one person there was a little, tiny bit of a raising of a voice, a little wiseguy a little bit, but he’s usually a big wiseguy. Not so much anymore. We saw to it that he wouldn’t be so much anymore.”
Message: Governors need to kiss the ring to get medical supplies.

Superfund, Meet Super Plants

It seems that nature can be healed. “Dr. Landmeyer said, “the plants can act as a vacuum cleaner to concentrate the contaminants.”
Still, Dr. Landmeyer estimates that probably less than 10 percent of Superfund sites in the country use phytoremediation as a stand-alone cleanup method.”
It would take five years for plants that can thrive in those toxic environments to remove contaminants from it, without using expensive and hard to use machinery, which would take the same amount of time.
(La naturaleza infectada se puede remediar plantando arboles selectos que chupan la contaminación y la convierten en gases inofensivos sin usar maquinaria de alto precio. Los arboles tomarían el mismo tiempo en descontaminar areas tóxicas — cinco años. Esto ayudaría en Vieques, en el cual el ejercito americano dejo su usual cantidad de contaminantes, dejaron envenenado el terreno de forma impune, y se fueron a correr para que otro pagara los platos rotos.)

Black Americans Face Alarming Rates of Coronavirus Infection in Some States

Racial inequality is hidden in the coronavirus statistics. New York city is not collecting demographic information of those that have been tested. Blacks seem to be the most vulnerable to coronavirus where this data has been collected. I wonder how Hispanics are doing. It is clear that being forced to work, no easy access to healthcare, bias when testing is requested, red lining of areas where poor people live, poor health and nutrition and lack of supermarkets with fruits and vegetables — these are indicators of an at-risk population. Puerto Rico’s government is even hiding statistics — a terrible sign of ominous bad news in the future, specially if you want to attract healthy Americans to come to your country and spend money.