Ivanka, Jared Kushner on White House coronavirus panel to reopen US

King Bone Spur says, stop “remembering things that happened in the past”. Ivanka and Kushner are selected to inherit the crown. Chaos is the future. Bone Spur 45 advises to “live in the moment”. Is the U.S. doomed to be ruled by a family of incompetents?

Economic Pain Will Persist Long After Coronavirus Lockdowns End

There are few fools left that put their health in the hands of an opportunist entertainer that only cares about ratings and votes. (La mayoría de las personas no ponen su salud y bienestar en manos de gobernantes que se preocupan solo porque los negocios sigan haciendo dinero. Sin tener pruebas para la gran mayoría de la población, y sin tener vacunas, el que salga afuera es un tonto, y mas que eso — irresponsable).