Puerto Rico, Still Reeling From Old Disasters, Is Slammed by Covid

Puerto Rico’s suffering rises with COVID-19 related unemployment and its reduced infrastructure due to years in bankruptcy. Now they have nowhere to migrate to. A flimsy economy based on entertainment, tourism, and the whims of any president in Washington, is a fragile one. Since I grew up in the island, I hope my friends and relatives there are coping with the latest misfortunes.

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I love media and communication, as well as digital technology. I write and speak fluently in Spanish and English. I was born in New York, but was sent to Puerto Rico at an early age, where I lived until drafted by the U.S. army. Upon returning from an honorable discharge, I found Puerto Rico small and limited at the time. I moved to Boston where I pursued musical studies and later worked as a musician, teacher, and speech-pathologist in New York. I am currently still interested in world politics, social justice, and income inequality. Health and wellness are essential to survive and thrive. I am working on patience and skills necessary to keep learning.

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