Puerto Rico and COVID-19.

113 new cases. Desperate decision to open the country to tourists from abroad on July 15 is fraught with difficulties. To enter the island, a negative COVID-19 test obtained in the last 72 hours is required. That is not so easy for many who do not have access to a personal doctor. Puerto Rico yContinue reading “Puerto Rico and COVID-19.”

COVID-19 headache persists for the surviving businesses that reopen in New York City.

As the virus refuses to fade, regulations for businesses shifts daily, making it hard for everyone to keep pace with them, and adding expenses to restaurants already on the verge of bankruptcy.

Regression in the containment of COVID-19 in the island of Puerto Rico

Rise in Patients The number of hospitalizations for coronavirus in the island has risen for senior citizens and minors. (translation by author) Even though, like the U.S., Puerto Rico is slowly losing the COVID-19 battle, they are opening up the door for travelers from other countries on July 15. Wisely, they are requiring travelers toContinue reading “Regression in the containment of COVID-19 in the island of Puerto Rico”