Reopening Schools Is Way Harder Than It Should Be

Compounding the difficulty is the fact that schools are run locally, autonomy the Trump administration has taken to new extremes by offering reopening instructions that amount to, “good luck.”

Reopening Schools Is Way Harder Than It Should Be – The New York Times

Educators and students of all ages are facing dangerous health risks in the middle of an uncontrolled pandemic. Parents are facing unemployment and housing security. Hunger is at an all time high. The U.S. population should not go back to school or work because they face housing and food insecurity in the middle of a worldwide public health hazard. Helping the bankers and large corporations will not make the COVID-19 infections go away or help persons on the streets. Using federal troops to intimidate cities into submission is a waste of government money and affront to the right to assemble in peaceful protest. Health providing services should be boosted, not cut in the middle of a public health disaster. Public appearances of influential politicians should not disseminate misinformation or give false hope in order to assure reelection. We should not give up our destiny to “good luck”.

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