“…the inexperienced billionaire U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been more than hands-off when it comes to ensuring the safety of America’s 51 million children returning to school this fall amid a global pandemic. …”

Surprise! Betsy DeVos has been hiding in her mansion, not doing shit for K-12 schools | News Hits

It’s a striking bit of mixed messaging for DeVos, a billionaire heiress, major GOP donor and charter school advocate who had no experience with public education before she became education secretary. DeVos is the nation’s top education official as school administrators deal with one the biggest health crises facing the nation: how to safely bring 51 million American children back into classrooms or administer virtual education during a pandemic.

As public schools grapple with the challenge of reopening during a pandemic, public education advocates are criticizing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for working remotely from Michigan, where she owns a sprawling waterfront estate with a round-the-clock security detail paid for by taxpayers.

My Opinion or comment: Today she came out of her mansion to attack educators for not wanting to die while teaching in the defense of the orange plague policies.