‘Fresh Air’ Celebrates The 90th Birthday Of Jazz Improviser Sonny Rollins

Rollins recorded his first sessions in 1949, and played his last live shows in 2012. ‘Fresh Air’ Celebrates The 90th Birthday Of Jazz Improviser Sonny Rollins : NPR The great Sonny Rollins, he might no longer play the tenor sax, but he left behind a historic catalog of his music to enjoy.

Salud reporta cinco muertes (MAS) y 107 casos (adicionales) confirmados por COVID-19 en Puerto Rico (total de infecciones de COVID -19 y muertes hasta 8 de septiembre 2020 es 35504 y 482 muertes)

https://www.elnuevodia.com/noticias/locales/notas/salud-reporta-cinco-muertes-y-107-casos-confirmados-por-covid-19/ 09/08/20 TOTAL COVID INFECTIONS 35504 TOTAL DEATHS 482

Tech Meltdown Drags Wall Street Lower

Stocks were also depressed by concerns over worsening U.S.-China trade relations and uncertainty over the pandemic’s impact on the airline industry. Tech Meltdown Drags Wall Street Lower: Live Updates – The New York Times