The owners and operators of more than half a million diesel pickup trucks have been illegally disabling their vehicles’ emissions control technology over the past decade, allowing excess emissions equivalent to 9 million extra trucks on the road, a new federal report has concluded.

Illegal Tampering by Diesel Pickup Owners Is Worsening Pollution, E.P.A. Says – The New York Times

New sources of pollution – diesel pickup truck owners. (Nuevas fuentes de contaminación: propietarios de camionetas diésel.)

The report said “diesel tuners” will allow the trucks to release more than 570,000 tons of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant linked to heart and lung disease and premature death, over the lifetime of the vehicles.  (El informe dijo que los “sintonizadores diesel” permitirán que los camiones liberen más de 570,000 toneladas de dióxido de nitrógeno, un contaminante relacionado con enfermedades cardíacas y pulmonares y muerte prematura, durante la vida útil de los vehículos.)