Scott Atlas resigns as Trump’s coronavirus adviser

The radiologist with no previous infectious disease experience clashed with the administration’s public health experts. (El radiólogo sin experiencia previa en enfermedades infecciosas chocó con los expertos en salud pública de la administración.)

Scott Atlas resigns as Trump’s coronavirus adviser – POLITICO

Rephrased quotes from the New York Times:

After reaching the grim milestone of surpassing the 2,200-a-day death average in the USA, radiologist who espoused controversial theories … advising President Trump on the coronavirus pandemic, resigned his White House position on Monday.

… His argument was that most people infected with the coronavirus would not get seriously ill, and at some point, enough people would have antibodies from Covid-19 to deprive the virus of carriers — so-called herd immunity. Dr. Atlas also railed against anything that smacked of a lockdown or business closure.

The United States has reached an appalling milestone: more than one million new coronavirus cases every week. Hospitals in some states are full to bursting. The number of deaths is rising and seems on track to easily surpass the 2,200-a-day average in the spring, when the pandemic was concentrated in the New York metropolitan area.

Estados Unidos ha alcanzado un hito espantoso: más de un millón de nuevos casos de coronavirus cada semana. Los hospitales en algunos estados están llenos a reventar. La cantidad de muertes está aumentando y parece en camino de superar fácilmente el promedio de 2.200 por día en la primavera, cuando la pandemia se concentró en el área metropolitana de Nueva York.

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