This means fast (with a diminutive added). It describes the mood and tone of this theme I worked on this several years back. I love to play in groups as a default preference, but necessity and technology have brought me here – alone with digital gadgets. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/7cf2i8BguBaBtBWC6

El jack russell terrier

El Jack Russell terrier, raza que tiene su origen en el siglo xix, es un terrier de trabajo, auxiliar imprescindible del guarda de caza que desaloja infaliblemente zorros y otros mustélidos. — Read on dve-devecchi-ediciones.com/2020/12/23/el-jack-russell-terrier/

La Libertad Palmieri at SOB, NYC 2011

“No me trates así” (Don’t treat me like this) Visiting an event to support my relatives in the Palmieri band – Nelson (my brother and tres player) and Quique (my nephew and backup vocals and small percussion).