Inexplicable: Thousands in a White Mob of People (WMP) stormed the Washington Capitol Building, yet…

only 52 of the WMP were arrested? Even when seen in footage of national television news destroying public property, and four deaths? Can you imagine what’s next? The WMP were able to stay in high-class hotels in Washington and have an expresso the morning after. If this event were perpetrated by a Non-White Mob of People (NWMP), the arrested would not be able to fit in law enforcement vehicles, and bullets would have been flying accurately. All of a sudden, yesterday, LAW and ORDER was suspended to let the loser of an election unleash the WMP after a call to violence speech (caught on camera) against a government institution. Isn’t there any protection left for ordinary people not part of the WMP who want to exercise lawful events in public? As usual, the question is – Where are police when you need them?

Después del motín causado por la Multitud de Piel Blanca (MPB) ayer, muchos se fueron a sus hoteles en Washington a tomar expresso esta mañana. Miles componían la MPB, pero solo arrestaron 52. Si hubiera sido una multitud de Piel No-Blanca, los arrestados no pudieran caber en los vehículos de arrestos por su cantidad. Como siempre, la pregunta es: ¿Dónde está la policía cuando se necesita?

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