If causing panic by shouting fire 🔥 is not free speech…

The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.
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Shouting fire in a crowded theater – Wikipedia

Why is the Trump speech inciting a mob to go into a public building to harm people doing the public’s business — FREE SPEECH?!?!?


How much havoc does it take to neutralize a dangerous individual in public office??

Are we living in a monarchy????

I don’t know, but I thought that calling for the overthrow of the government, even if you ARE NOT HOLDING public office, is a punishable offense. What are laws for if they do not protect the innocent?

It is shameful that it took 4 years of mayhem to not see where chaos was leading…

I just read that the chaos king is speaking at the U.S.-Mexican border before January 20th. Why is the U.S. seemingly naive when it comes to the chaotic individual who says in public his disruptive intentions but yet given the benefit of doubt??? I can not believe he will once more be able to voice his destructive message to millions of people around the world!

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