How many people in the U.S.A. have to die with the same kind of weapon before the legal bureaucracy stops protecting gun lover’s rights?

The legal bureaucracy stands in the way of common sense gun control in the United States.

La burocracia legal se interpone en el camino del control de armas de sentido común en los Estados Unidos.

Photo (by author on a visit to MOMA, NYC)

Vija Celmins is a Latvian American visual artist best known for photo-realistic paintings and drawings of natural environments and phenomena such as the ocean, spider webs, star fields, and rocks. Her earlier work included pop sculptures and monochromatic representational paintings. Wikipedia

In the early 1960s, Celmins began making paintings of objects in her studio: lamps, a hot plate, an eraser, even the empty six-cylinder revolver a friend had left with her for safekeeping. Her starting point for this work was a series of photographs she took of another friend posing with the revolver. Those pictures captured a moment of potential—the trigger might be pulled—but the painting instead shows the moment after a loaded gun has been fired, depicting the smoke that fills the air after a bullet has been discharged. This shift infuses the stark, deadpan image with narrative, inviting questions about the scene beyond the painting’s frame. (Museum of Modern Art, NYC)

Vija Celmins es una artista visual letona estadounidense más conocida por sus pinturas y dibujos fotorrealistas de entornos y fenómenos naturales como el océano, las telas de araña, los campos de estrellas y las rocas. Su trabajo anterior incluyó esculturas pop y pinturas representativas monocromáticas. Wikipedia

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