Remembering Emily Remler

Remembering Emily Remler

“When I’m playing, I don’t know whether I’m a girl, boy, dog, cat or whatever,” the guitarist Emily Remler said in late 1983, during an interview for Canadian radio. “I’m just playing the music. When I leave the stage, that’s when people remind me that I’m a woman.” Emily Remler, JazzTimes article (DECEMBER 8, 2020  – MICHAEL J. WEST)

Emily Remler (September 18, 1957 – May 4, 1990) was an American jazz guitarist, active from the late 1970s until her death in 1990. I met her while attending the Berklee, the called School of Music now called College of Music, Boston Massachussets. She was just another guitar carrying person at the school who I saw in school ensembles, but I am not quite sure if we played together. I left Boston, and headed to New York, and while playing at an outside venue with the Machito Latin Big Band, I got off the stage and Emily was there with her inseparable guitar. We talked briefly and she let me know that she enjoyed the performance. At the time, in 1982, she had begun to get national recognition as a virtuoso jazz guitar player. Later, upon her tragic death in 1990, I found out she was a superb guitar instructor and had videos teaching “Advanced” latin and jazz guitar playing. YouTube has many of her videos.

An example of her greatness

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