Selected news July 8, 2021

Selected news July 8, 2021

Stocks fell on Thursday, and bond yields dropped, as investor anxiety over the bumpy economic recovery rippled through financial markets. …“The virus spread in other countries is starting to suggest we won’t have a strong second half of the year.”
Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg’s Partnership Did Not Survive Trump – The New York Times


Ms. Sandberg had, once again, slipped up. She was deflecting blame cast on her, or Facebook… And Ms. Sandberg’s words attempting to place the blame elsewhere would continue to haunt her.

Mr. Caldwell, were getting messages on Facebook Messenger from allies watching their advance from afar. “All members are in the tunnel under” “Seal them in. Turn on Gas.”

Pierluisi reitera que no reforzará restricciones ante la detección de más casos de la variante Delta del COVID-19 – Primera Hora


la vacunación es prioridad para luchar contra este mortal virus y dejó en manos de los ciudadanos la protección personal. (vaccination is a priority to fight against this deadly virus and left personal protection in the hands of citizens)

Opinion: Parece que el gobernador de Puerto Rico dice, ya se acabó la pandemia, ahora mira a ver qué van a hacer. (Governor of Puerto Rico washes his hands, leaves it up to citizens to figure out how to deal with variants of COVID-19)

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